Red Hot Wedding

Red or Ruby is the color of July's birthstone and is chosen for weddings on that factor alone. But, RED is a classic color and most popular for the Cultural Bride. Brides in many countries around the world choose Red because of their culture. And why not, it is an outstanding color!
It sparks Happiness & Good Luck to some, and just Red Hot to others. You just can't go wrong with Red. There are so many colorful bridal gowns these days and if you are daring, wear a Red Gown and dress your bridesmaids in Pink or white. Talk about Unique!. . .see more Red Hot here.
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Bridal Headwear

Headwear can include a range of different options, including veils, tiaras, hair pins and hair slides. If your wedding day is going to be a glitzy and glamorous affair then you will want an ultra-glam wedding look to complement this. As well as thinking about the perfect wedding dress and statement wedding shoes, think about how you are going to complete your look – will you be choosing to wear a stylish veil? Or a sparkling headband? Take a look at some glam bridal headwear ideas and get inspired.



Ahh. . .Summertime and a long glass of lemonade/limeade mixed with some good ole tangerine juice does a body good.  These cool citrus colors are perfect for a backyard wedding or beach wedding due to the large amounts of decor items available during the summer season. This color inspiration of Lime Green/Tangerine/Orange will fit any lifestyle and budget and is perfect for the DIY Bride.
Make your signature drink for the reception some concoction of orange/lime/tangerine juice with your favorite liquor, then serve some key lime desserts. For your candy table get candy in citrus colors to please the little kid in us all.  There are lots more color inspirations HERE.