Black/White Weddings

When most Brides are thinking Red & Gold for December. Dare to be different in Black & White.
Create a sophisticated style with any black design against a white background. Think of black feathers, dark chandeliers, classic scroll & damask patterns. Select a venue that has no Christmas d├ęcor in the main banquet hall where your reception will be held. Choose white or cream flowers paired with black berries or black jewels. Or white gerberas with black centers to continue the theme for your stylish black & white wedding.  If you dare. . . wear a Black Wedding Gown and dress your bridesmaids in white to surprise all your guests. See more Black & White HERE!
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The Attendants

Most wedding couples select friends that have been in their life for a long time to be their Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and some choose distinct family members. Whichever you choose, make sure they know what is required and are willing to go above board to make your day stress free. Many a friendships have been broken during this time of planning and they always will. I have been in the middle of arguments with brides and their maids when problems arise from the bride's selection of dresses. Note: This day belongs to the Bride & Groom not the MOH!  Instead of calling up your BFF to tell her she is your MOH, why not send her a card and give her time to think. A written request says a lot.
Now, how many attendants do you need? Not how many friends you have.  So many bride