Radiant Orchid

The Pantone Color of 2014 is Radiant Orchid and many Brides will be incorporating this color in their wedding this year. I think Orchid/Violet is a great color for a vivacious Spring wedding at the Botanical gardens in your City or on the patio of an elaborate Estate.
If you are not keen on orchid dresses for your bridesmaids, because not everyone can wear it, add some Pink or Lavender to contrast a pale Orchid. Of course you will have lots of orchids for your bouquets and it's best to use an artificial orchid if you want to have a flowing bouquet. Real orchids, as beautiful as they are, are very fragile and will break easy, so be very careful when using in your decor.  See more Orchid/Violet Here!

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Destination Weddings aka "WeddingMoons" have become famous over the past ten years when Brides found out how economical it was to host a Wedding in the Islands. You do have lots of options - Spend $10,000 on a wedding at home with a very small guest list, or spend $5,000 on an amazing trip to Greece for two, complete with a honeymoon cruise. Back in the day this was called "Eloping".  Then, an elopement happened when couples ran off to far away places and got married without all the fuss and approvals from Mom & Dad. Now they call it a destination wedding and Mom & Dad approve because it is cost effective and they get a vacation out of the deal.
Jamaica Grand Hotel
Then, there's the question of whether you want to pay for your guests to attend. That is entirely up to your budget and their ability to pay.  If you are considering a wedding far


Royal Purple

Getting married in February? Think PURPLE. This is the color of Royalty and it looks great on every skin tone. You can combine the richness of purple with so many other shades, your choices are endless. What about Violets and Orchids for your bouquet. . . Purple can stand on its own and be magnifique', but if you want to give it more pop, how about a purple/lime combination.
Lots more Royalty Here.
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Let Them Eat Cake. . .
The cutting of the cake has been a part of the reception as long as I can remember and the Bride always stuff the cake in the Groom's face.   Lately I have noticed that the cutting of the cake is just for photos and it is the only dessert served.  In the West Indian culture a rich rum/fruit cake is the wedding cake, and another is cut up and packaged in boxes for guests to take home. The top layer of the cake is preserved for the couple to enjoy on their first anniversary. How much cake do you need to serve?
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The amount of Layers is dependent on how many Guests you are looking to feed. To save money, find a baker in your family who makes great cakes and ask them to make your wedding cake. They will be so honored. . but you will have to tell them exactly what you


Copper & Teal

While the winter months can definitely be dreary, there is no reason that your wedding colors can’t be filled with excitement and rich beauty. Although deep reds and icy blues are quite popular during weddings this time of year, light browns, teal, and purples can also look amazing. If you live in an environment that gets a lot of snow, than integrating creams and white can be very striking and dramatic. Think of Copper & Teal for your unique celebration and surprise your guests.
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You can find lots of copper accessories this time of year, so go Glam!