Red & Black Wedding

Red and Black has become a popular color for Brides in cooler climates and is a good mix for December brides. If you do not want to date your photos stay away for venues that have elaborate christmas decorations. Unless you want to see the christmas tree competing for the limelight with your dress, go neutral.
Many of you have seen Brides dressed in Red instead of the customary white gowns, but have you seen Black Bridal gowns?  Today's Bride is far from ordinary and she just might be wearing the next LBD to her very own wedding. See more Red & Black themes or brides all decked out in bold and vivid Colors!

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Online Gowns

You have been browsing the online Bridal Gown shops for awhile and still have not ordered your gown. Do not take chances if you are not sure!  Just remember, your gown will take time to be designed & more time if you have to make alterations & Time is of the Essence.
I have seen lots of dresses online that are so affordable, it makes me wonder the validity of it all. So, I did a search for reviews and found DressilyMe.  Here's some of their designs:
Wedding Dress for $256.99

Wedding Dress for $239.99
Chances are, you'll need to make some tweaks to your gown to make sure it fits you like a glove on your big day. It's important that someone experienced, reputable and capable takes on that task (A good tailor).  I am NOT a reseller for any manufacturer or telling you where/how to buy your dress. These are just suggestions and open for your comments.

Read a blogger Frugal Beautiful's review on DressilyMe.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for DressilyMe nor a paid sponsorship from any company. Please do your research before you buy!
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