Fresh Orange

Looking for a modern and fresh color palette for your wedding? You can't go wrong with ORANGE. This is such a vibrant color that it needs no company and can stand on it's own in any setting. But, it's a citrus and it is great with all the other citrus colors in combination style. My Niece's wedding was in Orange & Fuschia and our floral choices were endless.
Source: Pinterest
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Trash the Dress

Your wedding is over. What do you do with this beautiful gown that you fell in love with and paid a small fortune for?
1. Pay to have it preserved and put in the attic.
2. Trash it and take some great photos/video.
3. Give the dress away to charity or a relative.
Many brides these days Trash the Dress.  Certainly you have heard of this by now. Brides posing under water;  brides wallowing in mud; or flouncing around in the snow in their bridal gowns. Why? . . well everyone has their own reasons and mostly it is for that great photo opportunity that no one else has. Trash the dress has become a worldwide