Trash the Dress

Your wedding is over. What do you do with this beautiful gown that you fell in love with and paid a small fortune for?
1. Pay to have it preserved and put in the attic.
2. Trash it and take some great photos/video.
3. Give the dress away to charity or a relative.
Many brides these days Trash the Dress.  Certainly you have heard of this by now. Brides posing under water;  brides wallowing in mud; or flouncing around in the snow in their bridal gowns. Why? . . well everyone has their own reasons and mostly it is for that great photo opportunity that no one else has. Trash the dress has become a worldwide
wedding photography trend, that highlights the bride's personality rather than conventional stylized wedding photos. The Trash the Dress photographer uses the wedding dress as the focal point of the pictures to contrast it with an offbeat background. There is a real possibility that the wedding dress will be damaged during this kind of photo session, hence the Trash the Dress slogan. Just how much the wedding dress is marred depends on the bride's personality, and her love for the wedding frock. Then there are those that buy an inexpensive dress to serve as a fill-in for the actual dress at Trash the Dress photo shoot.  So, the next time you see a photo of a newlywed couple laying on the sand, up to their waist in water, or on a dune buggy covered in mud, you know that the dress was trashed.

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