DIY Pomander

Pomanders have become a popular a tradition in modern weddings. Essentially, they are balls of flowers attached to a decorative ribbon.
Wedding pomanders can be carried by the Bride instead of a floral bouquet;  hung on the side of pews or chairs & used to create a tablescape for the reception.  If you can't
afford to have a florist make fresh pomanders, you can make artificial pomanders yourself.  They are pretty easy to make and perfect for the DIY bride on a budget. Each artificial unit costs about $7 to make.
Items Needed:
•Foam floral or Styrofoam sphere
•Artificial/or Fresh flowers
•Hot glue gun and glue sticks
•1 - 2 feet of ribbon
(If you are going to use fresh flowers, be sure to get the foam used for fresh flowers)
Adding Flowers to the Ball
1.Cut a loop of ribbon to your desired length.
2.Glue and hold the ribbon onto the floral ball.
3.Take the flower buds off each stem.
4.Press the end of one bud into the floral ball.
5.Secure it with hot glue.
6.Repeat until you have the desired fullness.

Once you have your color scheme, grab the supplies and get some help from your family. As with any DIY project, you must make a sample before investing lots of time and money. Happy Wedding!

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