Candelabra Decor

Candelabras make for romantic centerpieces at fall and winter weddings. The reason is it's going to start getting darker earlier, so lighting will become even more crucial. Incorporate crystals and one big mass of flowers for a classic look, or ask your florist to wrap blooms around the base for a bolder approach that would work perfectly for an escort table arrangement. 
This is difficult for a DIY because it is very hard to get inexpensive candelabras at flea markets or online, therefore you may have to use a florist to rent the candelabra and most florists will only offer them in a package deal. Flowers add more bulk to the equipment making the tablescape appear more lush and very favorable for large weddings.  This arrangement can be as elaborate as you want or as simple as you want by using multiple candles instead of flowers which can get quite expensive. But it is beautiful on any table depending on the flowers in season, so get the details before you hire a florist.


Made in China

You have done your research and ready to shop China online. Here are some tips for purchasing a wedding dress from a Chinese dressmaker.
Many wedding dresses stocked in salons are made in China to begin with, these dresses are often made to a list of specifications, there is no reason why you can not request your own specifications to make sure your dress is well made. Generally Chinese dressmakers are very cooperative and helpful so they should be able to fulfill your wishes. Some things you might want to ask before you buy:

  • For a nicer fabric. It will drive up the cost a little but there is nothing wrong with asking them to use a better quality fabric. Ask for a natural or silk based fabric rather than a polyester/man-made fabric.
  • If you’re buying lace, ask them not to use a stiff one, good lace should be soft. Stiff laces look cheap and can make a wedding dress look and feel awful when worn.
  • If you’re buying satin ask for one with a high thread count.


The Magenta Bride

Fuschia and Magenta has been popular colors for Brides in every state and city here and abroad. This color is so rich and vibrant and is a photographer's delight. Now Brides can choose gowns in this luscious color in shades to delight everyone.
As the weather starts to get a little colder why not choose Fushia/Hot Pink/Magenta to brighten up your wedding theme. If you are in the planning mode for your spring or summer wedding, think Hot Pink. There are endless tropical flowers to create a lovely bouquet and do not forget pink up-lighting for the reception hall. More ideas Here!

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Gowns Online

You already know the style of bridal gown that fits & flatter your figure and you also know the type of fabric you want. Now you are ready to do some online shopping.
There are a lot of inexpensive gowns and knockoffs out there that may look great in the photos online, but not the quality you desire. Be sure you have a clear understanding of what fabrics are being used, how the dress is lined, and where the gown is made. If at all possible request a swatch of the material before you order, there is nothing better than to touch and feel. Each site and each designer uses a different set of measurements, so grab a measuring tape and write down your measurements, to identify your right size. Remember to wear a bra similar to what you will be wearing on your big day and stand naturally, with your heels together and arms by your side.  If you purchase a made-to-order gown you will be ordering according to the designer's standard sizing policy, which is why, as a rule of thumb they advise you to order a size up & then alter the dress to fit you perfectly. 
Please note:- Bridal Salons profit off the alterations and they always make you order up a size to pad their pockets. If you choose to go with this standard when you order online, you will need a great tailor in your back pocket.  Want an ivory dress instead of pure white? A longer train? Straps? Need a plus-size dress? These options are often available to you when you choose a made-to-order dress online. Keep in mind, that you might be charged for some of the extras and it will take time. Normally, it will take 20-25 days to tailor a new dress before arranging shipment. It might be more or less, which depends on individual dress style and order quantity. So place your order sooner than later.


Dress Shopping

Bridal Gown shopping can be fun and it can be a heartache. Many brides are shopping online due to Budget constraints & many are getting good deals. Think before you Buy!
The first thing a bride should know is what type of style she is going for on her wedding day. The dress can really set the tone and mood for the entire wedding day and should coordinate appropriately. For example, if she is having an outdoor garden wedding, then a tea-length dress would be sweet. However, if the wedding is inside a formal hotel ballroom, then she might be better suited in a full-length gown. Of course, nothing is set in stone, and some rules are meant to be broken, so do think about your venue in choosing your style.

The next thing is to pick a style that compliments your figure. If you're a busty woman, finding a bust shape that works well with your dress is important. While much of this is down to wearing the right bra, certain necklines will accentuate your feminine qualities better than others. If the lower half of your figure appears fuller, it's important to create more balance. Add some style upstairs; choose wide necklines, puffy sleeves and tops that hug the shoulders. Tops with wide-set straps will also help to visually widen your shoulders and chest area. If you're a full figured woman, strapless and sweetheart styles will accentuate your bust and curves. Go to the nearest bridal salon or any department store and try on some gowns. Get a feel for what fabrics, styles, colors, and embellishments flatter your body type, height and skin tone. You'll find out if you are not meant to wear a lace dress. Be on the look out for the pushy salesperson, who only wants to make a sale!

After you have selected the style you want, go shopping.  Start shopping in your family's closet and attic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a Used or re-purposed dress. Remember that dress your Cousin wore years ago that you loved? Give Her a call.
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