Candelabra Decor

Candelabras make for romantic centerpieces at fall and winter weddings. The reason is it's going to start getting darker earlier, so lighting will become even more crucial. Incorporate crystals and one big mass of flowers for a classic look, or ask your florist to wrap blooms around the base for a bolder approach that would work perfectly for an escort table arrangement. 
This is difficult for a DIY because it is very hard to get inexpensive candelabras at flea markets or online, therefore you may have to use a florist to rent the candelabra and most florists will only offer them in a package deal. Flowers add more bulk to the equipment making the tablescape appear more lush and very favorable for large weddings.  This arrangement can be as elaborate as you want or as simple as you want by using multiple candles instead of flowers which can get quite expensive. But it is beautiful on any table depending on the flowers in season, so get the details before you hire a florist.

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