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You already know the style of bridal gown that fits & flatter your figure and you also know the type of fabric you want. Now you are ready to do some online shopping.
There are a lot of inexpensive gowns and knockoffs out there that may look great in the photos online, but not the quality you desire. Be sure you have a clear understanding of what fabrics are being used, how the dress is lined, and where the gown is made. If at all possible request a swatch of the material before you order, there is nothing better than to touch and feel. Each site and each designer uses a different set of measurements, so grab a measuring tape and write down your measurements, to identify your right size. Remember to wear a bra similar to what you will be wearing on your big day and stand naturally, with your heels together and arms by your side.  If you purchase a made-to-order gown you will be ordering according to the designer's standard sizing policy, which is why, as a rule of thumb they advise you to order a size up & then alter the dress to fit you perfectly. 
Please note:- Bridal Salons profit off the alterations and they always make you order up a size to pad their pockets. If you choose to go with this standard when you order online, you will need a great tailor in your back pocket.  Want an ivory dress instead of pure white? A longer train? Straps? Need a plus-size dress? These options are often available to you when you choose a made-to-order dress online. Keep in mind, that you might be charged for some of the extras and it will take time. Normally, it will take 20-25 days to tailor a new dress before arranging shipment. It might be more or less, which depends on individual dress style and order quantity. So place your order sooner than later.

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