St Patrick's Wedding

Green & White and the Luck of the Irish blessings are important to so many people. Some Brides choose to get married on St Patrick's day mostly because of their culture or their love of Green & White. Here is a sample of Green & White inspiration for the Luck of the Irish:
Source: Pinterest
These colors are great for any season and wedding gowns also come in Green available at a few salons. If you do not want to wear a green dress, how about a green tutu under your white dress for impact. Starting in February there are lots of decorative options for the DIY Bride, so shop early.
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Lucky Charms to You.


DIY Bouquet

Last month,  I made the bridal bouquet and six bridesmaid's bouquets for a relative's wedding that we had been planning for 7 months. We purchased all the fresh flowers at our local Flea market for less than $80.00 and it took me 2.5 hours to make them all the night before the wedding. 
Wedding - 2/25/14
To make this Brides Bouquet I used:


Used Bridal Gowns

All brides want the best and most Glamorous designer Wedding Gown to wear on their big day. They buy all the bridal magazines and have their favorite pages dog-eared the first month of their engagement. Then they start gown shopping and reality hits. The gown they have been lusting after is more than $4,000 or not available in their state, or does not come in their size. This can make for a difficult shopping experience and many brides often leave the shops discouraged. I have been shopping with many Brides who cannot afford the gown they want or let their entourage talk them out of the gown of their dreams. Fit and Flatter is the most important, but cost drives them to tears.

If you are on the search for a Bridal Gown, would you consider a Used one? I do not mean your Aunt B's dress from the 1960's that is now discolored and tattered. Many ladies are now shopping for used gowns that they can personalize because of affordability. Have you seen the show on TLC called Something Borrowed or New? The designer on the show takes an old gown and re-purpose it in a style to fit the new Bride.  You can also do this or have your tailor alter a used gown to fit you at minimal cost. And, you will have a Custom dress that is not seen all over town. Check out the following sites:
There are also many online shops that you can purchase ACCESSORIES to glam up a pre-loved dress. Create a sheath dress into a convertible with a Tutu; wear awesome statement jewelry on a bare neck;  get a dazzling belt or floral belt to cinch your waistline;  or get a bolero/shrug to update a sparse neckline, etc..etc.  How about adding some lace, an underbodice or detachable wedding straps to your gown? Use your imagination and go to Pinterest for some design ideas. Some of the accessories you need you can find on Etsy.
Get the style gown you like, have it re-styled/customized to fit you and your Budget. Nothing says vintage like a pre-loved bridal gown re-styled.
No other Bride will have your Beautiful Dress!

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