Brooch Bouquet

Your wedding is full of choices, and there are many opportunities to trim your budget by doing things yourself.  You can make your own centerpieces… table arrangements… party favors…wedding cake... food and Brooch Bouquet.  Lately many brides are choosing a Bouquet made entirely of Brooches. 
Making a Brooch Bouquet can be a good DIY because you can make it months in advance and storage is easy, but they can be costly. Some brides pay as much as $8 per brooch and if you want an elaborate bouquet you could end up spending too much money and kill your budget. 
Taking into consideration the size and colors of the brooch you find, you must be careful to



We all know that floral arrangements can get expensive & a florist can take a big bite out of the DIY Bride's budget, so Brides need to think outside the box to achieve a great look for less.
Terrariums are an economical way to decorate reception tables for a wedding. You will have to make them in advance, so good storage away from the elements is necessary. Before you tackle this project you must make a sample before you go out and spend money on supplies. Sprout Home has some good instructions HERE. Look for other samples on the internet and make yourself a colorful terrarium in your wedding colors. This is a good project for a group of friends to do one weekend. Get creative & save $$$.
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Wedding in Peridot

Peridot is a green colored gem stone that is the birthstone of August. This color has many variations and you can choose Greens from dark Olive to Lime green for your wedding.
Choose an exotic blend of spring green and white flowers for your wedding bouquet, these might include Paphiopedilums also known as Ladies Slipper Orchids along with some Lenten Rose, & Freesias.
How about a bridal gown in Green and bridesmaids in green, yellow or white dresses.
Then dress the groomsmen with green vests & ties and you have the makings of a wedding in Peridot. Let shades of green take center stage and make your wedding unique.