Brooch Bouquet

Your wedding is full of choices, and there are many opportunities to trim your budget by doing things yourself.  You can make your own centerpieces… table arrangements… party favors…wedding cake... food and Brooch Bouquet.  Lately many brides are choosing a Bouquet made entirely of Brooches. 
Making a Brooch Bouquet can be a good DIY because you can make it months in advance and storage is easy, but they can be costly. Some brides pay as much as $8 per brooch and if you want an elaborate bouquet you could end up spending too much money and kill your budget. 
Taking into consideration the size and colors of the brooch you find, you must be careful to
get those that are not easy to break and/or tarnish. Silver or Pearl are very common colors for brooches, and can be easy to find.  But, if you want Turquoise, Champagne, Coral, Fuchsia, Lavender, Teal, Sapphire (or dozens of other specific colors), it gets much more difficult to find brooches, and generally much more expensive.
Get frustrated easily?  This probably isn’t the best project for you. Making a bouquet requires a good deal of patience, especially if you are solo. You’ll probably have to take your bouquet apart and start over from scratch at least once, maybe more. So maybe you should pass this project off to your Aunty's or Cousins. You have choices, so spend your money well & look at all options. Before you decide check out these links:


  1. This is such a creative idea. I love it. I hope it's not too heavy.

  2. Great idea and the bouquet could easily become a family heirloom, love this idea!


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