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The reception is the most costly unit of a great wedding and the Food & Music is the most important! If you have bad food and terrible music you & your guests will not enjoy the party and you will have deep regrets. That is why a strict guest list has so much importance in the planning.  Yes. . Your wedding gown is very important and you will find that it is much easier to make your selection, once you have your finances in order.  Now, on to selecting the people (Guests)who you choose to share in your joy on that wedding day. Note: "Share in your Joy".  Do not invite those who are only there to mix and mingle, or those who will write you a big check. Your guests must be Happy to see you get married and want to share in your JOY. That being said here are some guidelines:


Yellow & Gray

For Fall it can be great to use the changing scenery to tie in with your decor by utilizing reds, oranges, and yellows, especially if your ceremony or reception is taking place outdoors. If you are interested in picking a more simplistic or modern look than try integrating deep grays, latte shades, and even a sage green with a deep red, yellow or orange. Leafs and natural outdoor elements make wonderful centerpieces and will be very easy to find in the cooler climates. How about Yellow & Gray for your wedding?
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Make the rented Space Yours. Just because the reception space is a rented hotel ballroom or a plain white tent doesn't mean you can't revamp it and make it totally your own. In fact, whether you want to give your venue a minor face-lift or completely re-design it, you can make your reception look like none other - just start with LIGHTING.  Yes!  Upward lighting can make a room of basic white linens look Spectacular!

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Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Pink & Orange colored Lighting projected on the walls and ceiling can make quite an impact.  You will have to search for companies that have the equipment in your locale but, it's way cheaper than renting colored linens, tie-backs and overlays for 180 guests. Before you jump and let your fingers do the walking, check with your location and make sure that you can bring this to the site. Most hotels will require proof of insurance for any vendors you use on-site so, before you book the hall, get it in writing.
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Silver/Grey Wedding

At the start of a New Year, think of January as a clean & crisp start of your life together. There is still left over holiday decorations on display in hotels & banquet halls of silver & gold that you can use as part of your wedding d├ęcor.  Just, be sure there is no red & green in your space, you do not want Christmas past to be reflected in your photos.
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" I'll Drink to That ". . .
Joyous occasions call for kind words--and what better way to share them than with a toast? Just a few words or thoughts, spoken from the heart, can spread a feeling of cheer throughout the room--regardless of its size.  Whether you've been asked to speak at a special occasion or the moment calls for an impromptu toast, it's always best to be prepared. 
The exact origin of toasting is unknown, but its purpose of promoting good feelings has certainly been enjoyed worldwide throughout history (perhaps over-enjoyed in some cases!). The term "toast" originated in 17th Century England, when it was customary to place a piece of toast or


Winter White Wedding

Winter weddings are known for snow and ice in the cooler terrains, but that should not stop you from having an ALL WHITE wedding in the islands. Being on a Beach in Jamaica can transport you to calm and serene with the motion of the ocean in the background. There are so many white flowers that can accompany an all white theme and if you must, add a small pop of color in your bouquet to accentuate that glorious dress.
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