Make the rented Space Yours. Just because the reception space is a rented hotel ballroom or a plain white tent doesn't mean you can't revamp it and make it totally your own. In fact, whether you want to give your venue a minor face-lift or completely re-design it, you can make your reception look like none other - just start with LIGHTING.  Yes!  Upward lighting can make a room of basic white linens look Spectacular!

Source: Pinterest
Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Pink & Orange colored Lighting projected on the walls and ceiling can make quite an impact.  You will have to search for companies that have the equipment in your locale but, it's way cheaper than renting colored linens, tie-backs and overlays for 180 guests. Before you jump and let your fingers do the walking, check with your location and make sure that you can bring this to the site. Most hotels will require proof of insurance for any vendors you use on-site so, before you book the hall, get it in writing.
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