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The reception is the most costly unit of a great wedding and the Food & Music is the most important! If you have bad food and terrible music you & your guests will not enjoy the party and you will have deep regrets. That is why a strict guest list has so much importance in the planning.  Yes. . Your wedding gown is very important and you will find that it is much easier to make your selection, once you have your finances in order.  Now, on to selecting the people (Guests)who you choose to share in your joy on that wedding day. Note: "Share in your Joy".  Do not invite those who are only there to mix and mingle, or those who will write you a big check. Your guests must be Happy to see you get married and want to share in your JOY. That being said here are some guidelines:
Create Tiers: Once you have written out a draft of your complete list, place each guest into a relationship category. The first tier consists of essential
family members (grandparents, siblings, uncles, first cousins) and so on.
Next Percentages: Assign 50 percent of that number to the bride and groom and 25 percent to each set of parents (or, with multiple sets of parents, 25 percent to each side altogether). 
Give Parents Their Number Early:  To save embarrassment later, give them specific guidelines as soon as possible―before they start making phone calls inviting friends and family.
Do the One-Year Test: If you’re not sure whether to invite someone, “Ask yourself, ‘Have I seen or spoken to this person in the last year?’” says David Tutera, celebrity event planner. “If the answer is NO, odds are that you can keep them off your must-have list.”

Note: Certain vendors. . Photographer, Clergy, DJ & Band have to be fed and you have to pay for them, so you have to include them in your catering budget.

The guest list is complete.  Now, create the Budget and work it!
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