" I'll Drink to That ". . .
Joyous occasions call for kind words--and what better way to share them than with a toast? Just a few words or thoughts, spoken from the heart, can spread a feeling of cheer throughout the room--regardless of its size.  Whether you've been asked to speak at a special occasion or the moment calls for an impromptu toast, it's always best to be prepared. 
The exact origin of toasting is unknown, but its purpose of promoting good feelings has certainly been enjoyed worldwide throughout history (perhaps over-enjoyed in some cases!). The term "toast" originated in 17th Century England, when it was customary to place a piece of toast or crouton in a drink (usually wine) to enhance flavor and promote good health. While toasting etiquette has changed over time, the general message remains the same: It's your chance to express your feelings or admiration for someone in a social situation. All eyes and ears will be focused on you, so speak up, be sincere and show everyone just how charming you can be.

I am not a fan of Toasting because I have been to several weddings where the speeches were not well received. Yes. . Uncle Bud' got up to toast his Niece and made a fool of himself and embarrassed the family. . You never know what words will fly out of someone's mouth after several trips to the Open-bar. So, be very, very careful with your selection of speakers. My suggestion is, for the Groom to personally thank the guests. ."My new wife and I would like to Thank everyone for attending and sharing in our Joy". Done!

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