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With an average wedding cost of $28,000 many couples are perplexed on how to pay for it all. A wedding should not put you or your family in debt. There are many ways to have the perfect day on any budget.  How?  Good Planning and good DIY skills. The reception usually is the most expensive part of your wedding with the costs of Venue, Catering, Alcohol, Music, Flowers, Bridal accessories and the list goes on and on.  One of the easiest ways to cut the expense of your wedding is to cut out any unnecessary extras and stick to a strict budget for all the items needed for your special day.  Unless you got a package deal that includes everything at the right price, you do not need them all.  Your first decision should be the DATE and VENUE.  Next, trim the guest list to guide you on occupancy/budget to feed them all.  If you choose round tables that seat 10, you will have less tables to decorate and you can do this yourself with a few friends & family.  Here's an Example:
One of my favorite Easy Tablescapes
Make your own with several tall cylinders (about 3) in graduated sizes and fresh flowers you
buy at the wholesalers or Flea market.  Get distilled water (if you want colored water just add a few drops of food coloring). You will also need weights to keep the flowers submerged. Add floating candles and you have a great centerpiece. To make your design stand out, place it on a mirrored tray, add some petals, glass beads and more candles. . .the rest is up to You.  If your space is dark, or all white, add some up-Lighting to add more color and kick your color scheme up a notch.
Fresh flowers obviously won’t last forever so they are best if you work with them the night before to ensure they stay fresh. I like to use orchids but you can use whatever flower you want. Silk will never die BUT the colors may bleed when submerged. So do a test. You may also need Stainless steel washers and/or fishing sinkers to keep the flower submerged. Use the smallest size you can and use floral wire to affix the weights to the stems of the flowers. Then, you can hide the weights with decorative stones or gems.  Now, fill up the vases with distilled water. (Distilled water is best, because it does not cause tiny bubbles to form on your flowers.) Practice. . practice. .practice and do a trial run a week before so you get the hang of it. Search the internet for tutorials/ideas and Do It Yourself.
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Choose DIY to save Money not Time, because you have to spend a lot of time
 to create your vision and you need 50 lbs of Patience!

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