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Upside Down Cakes
Now I have seen it all. It is hard enough to transport a well made cake from the bakery to the reception site, now you want to suspend it upside down from the rafters. Good Luck!
Holly's Cakes
Bakeries like Holly's Cakes has an extensive collection of chandelier cakes that are available in three, four, or five tiers, and they can easily be dismantled from the bottom for cutting. "My chandelier cakes hang from our custom support system and definitely
give that 'wow' effect that brides are seeking," says owner Holly Bowers. Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney also opted for a suspended wedding cake at her June 15 wedding. Instead of hanging it upside-down, wedding planner Diann Valentine created a platform surrounded by floating pearls for the cake to rest on. A quilted pattern and edible crystals made for a lavish look!

Chandelier Cakes

Cheryl McMillan from Perfect Ending Cakes gave a quick tutorial on how a chandelier cake is constructed. First, she starts with a wood base that's covered in fondant to match the color and design of the cake. Then, she screws in a wooden dowel that's one inch longer than the length of the entire cake. Each tier is placed on a masonite board with a hole in the center, draped with fondant, and more plastic dowels are added for support. The tiers are stacked on top of one another and a hook is placed at the top of the dowel, which is hooked onto a veranda flower stand. VoilĂ ! "Transportation is the tricky part. If there are decorations hanging from the bottom (like with the pink cake pictured above), then someone must hold the cake by the chain the entire time — it's a good workout for your arms and nerves!" McMillan says. Crazy as this may seem, these cakes look Magnificent! Are you ready to WOW your guests with an Upside Down Cake?

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