Bridesmaid Dress

Do you already feel like a blushing bride? Carry that sweet love over to your color scheme. Think peaches, blush pinks, nudes, pale lavender, beige & soft patterned dresses. You can find most colors in major bridal salons.
Then there are the brides that cannot agree on just one color so they choose luscious pinks & teals for a tropical themed wedding. Two months ago I worked with a bride that had fuschia & green bridesmaid dresses & she used bronze cover on the chairs. I would have never thought of that and I believe it was a last minute thing that turned out great. 
Love it or Leave it: Two-piece bridesmaid dresses. I wasn't always a fan of them because I feared they would look too casual for such a momentous event, but look at this tan and beige combo that I saw online recently. What do you think of them?
So, when it comes to colors the choices are endless. 
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There is lots more color Inspiration HERE!

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