Color Story

Most Brides today create a Color Story on their inspiration boards for their wedding long before the proposal. This helps them to plan not only a theme for the wedding but the Venue. If you base your color scheme on your choice of venue you will be limited due to budget restrictions. If the venue is already styled in a Mediterranean theme, you will need a decorator to make it into your Tropical Fantasy and who has money for that!   If you love Teal but you realize it doesn't match the free table decor that comes with the venue, that doesn't mean you can't include it. You may just want to consider bringing it in through small details, rather than making it an overwhelmingly Teal-themed wedding.
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Do not limit yourself to two or three hues, as long as they're all from the same color family and add complimentary colors like gold, silver, copper, black or white. The colors above are perfect for a Tropical Themed wedding. If you still want more Teal or Blue/Green in your theme check the Bridal Guide, they have more than 200 color combinations. Here are some more Teal/Turquoise Blue Green Inspirations that you may just Love.  

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