Let Them Eat Cake. . .
The cutting of the cake has been a part of the reception as long as I can remember and the Bride always stuff the cake in the Groom's face.   Lately I have noticed that the cutting of the cake is just for photos and it is the only dessert served.  In the West Indian culture a rich rum/fruit cake is the wedding cake, and another is cut up and packaged in boxes for guests to take home. The top layer of the cake is preserved for the couple to enjoy on their first anniversary. How much cake do you need to serve?
Source: Pinterest
The amount of Layers is dependent on how many Guests you are looking to feed. To save money, find a baker in your family who makes great cakes and ask them to make your wedding cake. They will be so honored. . but you will have to tell them exactly what youwant. Do not leave it up to them. Look on Pinterest for some cake designs.  Did you notice something about the cake decorated in red?  See the Christmas d├ęcor. . If you did not want everyone to know you got married in December, there it is!
Check out Martha Stewart for more on cakes and learn how to Decorate your own Cake Here.!    Make it delicious . . . .
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