Wedding Dates

The date you choose for your Wedding is very important when sticking to a real budget.  Especially because the months of January to August are considered peak season for weddings therefore those dates get booked quickly. Saturday evenings are also prime time for weddings.  So, will you consider a Morning wedding?

Morning weddings can be more economical because you get married on the beach before the sun gets hot and go to your favorite restaurant for Brunch. Food for brunch is a whole lot cheaper than Dinner and no Open bar. 
How about a Sunday evening wedding?  Not too many people book Sundays, so your chance of getting a great price on that hotel venue is very possible. Also, your guests will get a great room rate for a Sunday night stay. 
How about a Friday Evening wedding?  Fridays are not booked a lot for weddings, so you could get a great price for a reception hall. But the room rate for your guests will be pricey because it's the beginning of the weekend.  Aside from the morning wedding where you can see a big difference in the food and beverage costs all other costs will be comparable. You do have options. Book wisely.

Consider Having a Small Wedding.  Keep your wedding day to family and close friends only. Then when you come back from your honeymoon, have a large cocktail party and invite everyone. 

Destination Weddings: You are offering your Guests a Party & a Vacation on some Island Paradise. Those who are close to you and want to share in your Joy will make the effort to join you and it will be very cost-effective!

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