Order of Events


Cocktail Period

Guests mingle and deposit their gifts. Backstage the photographer takes portraits. If time permits the Bride & Groom should have something to eat, thus freeing up time to mix and mingle during the dinner.

Introduction of the Wedding party

Once the guests are seated, the bridal party is introduced for the first time.
  1. The Groomsmen and Bridesmaids
  2. Flower girls & ring bearer
  3. The parents of the Groom
  4. The Parents of the Bride
  5. The new Mr. & Mrs. 

Option #1

Immediately after the introduction, the Bride & Groom opens the Reception with their first dance.  Then the Father of the bride & daughter dance is followed by the mother/son dance and the dance floor is now open.  Thirty minutes before the dinner is served the guests are seated and the DJ takes over the reception.

Option #2

Once the bridal party is seated, the Father/daughter dance takes place followed by the Mother/Son dance. Then the Bride & Groom have their first dance. The father of the Groom dances with the bride and the groom dances with his new mother-in law. And the floor is now open.  Thirty minutes before dinner the Toasting begins.
1.     The Bestman makes the first Toast.
2.     The Groom toasts his Bride & her parents
3.     The Father of the Bride toasts the Bride & Groom
4.     The brother/relative of the bride toasts the Groom & his parents.
5.     The father of the groom toasts the Bride & Groom
6.     The guests are invited to make toasts.
Dinner is Served
During this time the Bride & Groom can mingle with the guests and make informal visit to each table, have pictures taken with guests.  
Cake Cutting:
The bride & groom cut the cake for dessert.
Bouquet & Garter Toss
More Dancing
Departure of the Bridal Couple
Departure of Guests
~       ~       ~       ~       ~
Note: This is only to used as a Guide. I recommend that Couples customize their own Order of Events. Time is of the essence here and you have to use it well. Too much time is taken up with Photos & Toasting and you never know what your Uncle Teddy is going to say after a few drinks. So, use caution!

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