Going Naked

The traditional wedding cake is typically frosted with white icing, but if a new trend takes hold, it's about to get a serious make-under. Naked cakes are the newest trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  'Going Naked'. . without any fondant or frostings these cakes are not the prettiest, but they may be the tastiest.
While the idea behind them is the same (slice, serve and eat!) there's a few important details that are different from a cake that's frosted. Naked cakes tend to have a more natural and organic feel, which means that ornate sugar or gum paste flowers won't exactly mesh. Fillings & toppings are most certainly part of the beauty to the naked cake, adding to the over all aesthetic and elegance of their appearance. Whether things are kept clean and precise in between the layers or muddled throughout, there is no wrong way to go about creating the naked wedding cake.
Got a cake with fresh fruit throughout, create an area around the cake that looks as if you had just whipped it up on the spot and your elements of baking are still left around!  An easy alternative are fresh flowers. Brooklyn-based baker Alana Jones-Mann loves to style her naked cakes with seasonal fruit and preserves. We all know how striking the hues of berries, fresh flowers in the bridal colors, even cool apple skins make for some food photography heaven, take that styling right with you into your wedding day.  For some Inspiration, go Here!

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