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While watching one of my favorite shows TLC "Say Yes to the Dress" I saw a woman (Let's call her Frenchy) shopping for her wedding dress. She stood out because she was quick to tell her consultant, that she had been with her guy more than 8 years and that he finally got it right. She further elaborated, that he asked her to marry him 4 years ago and she said No.  The reason for the "NO" - he was not financially able to get her the engagement ring she wanted nor his ability to fund the wedding of her dreams at that time. Then she started to show off a magnificent ring to her consultant. She loved her man but she was not going to settle for just any ole ring, it had to be "Frenchy's Ring".
Now, that he was able to purchase the ring she said "YES" to his second proposal and she needed to find "Frenchy's Dress", not just any dress available but the dress that she would be proud to wear. I know that these TLC shows are embellished and borders on being fictional. But, there are many Frenchy's out there in this world and they are all about the $$. As a part time bridal consultant I have encountered a "Frenchy" or two. . .

1. Frenchy is in love with the wedding. Not the man.
2. Cubic Zirconias are much improved and if you keep it clean, only your Jeweler knows for sure.
3. Frenchy has some insecurities & has something to prove to someone.

Needless to say, I changed the channel & didn't find out how much she was willing to spend on her dress or if she even found one. It was clear to me that she was not in it for the long haul and it was all subsequential. She was also not a very young woman, in fact she could have been in her late thirties & she should know better. I have seen so many brides saying "Yes to the Wedding", caught up in "princess for the day" and "the dress up" only to crumble under the heavy weight of a marriage. How will you and I know if the ring she is wearing is genuine? And, who gives a shit if her gown is custom/designer made?  Certainly not the many attendees,who have to endure a long awaited wedding with all the pomp & circumstance of a royal family. How many times have you heard "he/she is not the marrying kind" or "see me & live with me is two different things" etc.etc.  What say you?

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