NYE Wedding

New Year's Eve weddings are special, shining and very cheerful. That’s why the cake and desserts should also be original and New Year themed. New Year is a sparkling time, so don’t hesitate to choose gold and silver wedding cakes and desserts, those decorated with confetti and pearls.
Lighting is very important for the budget bride and it can create plenty sparkle for little money. Champagne is one of the most traditional drink at New Year, and you can incorporate it in your desserts: make champagne jello shots, decorated with various tasty things and with strawberry inside. Go for creative cupcake and cake toppers: sparkling, clock-themed, confetti-inspired, with stars, pearls and snowflakes.
What wedding gown to wear for a New Year's Eve wedding? That is entirely up to you and your venue. Your options are limitless. Wear what you love to party with your Love!
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