Courthouse Wedding

Growing up, you imagined your perfect wedding day with a fantasy carriage, sparkles, tulle, flowers and love. Not debt, family fights, a long term loan to cover the costs and eight months of extensive planning. 
You have seen the costs for the Big Wedding of your Dreams and just do not want to spend the money or really cannot afford it.  So, your fiance and you decided to put your money in the new house with a white picket fence fund. And Courthouse-ing it seems just right. It's easy to write off the details of the day when you ditch the big show, but if there's any reason to have a courthouse wedding, it's to save time and money. So, put more thought and money into the details of what's really important to you two --- the dress you spotted at the Bridal Shop, flowers from a treasured friend's garden, a honeymoon suite at the swankiest hotel in town, or a catered event at your parent's home. Just try not to lose the sentiment of a wedding. These days there are a lot of ways to make a courthouse wedding charming, classy, and totally memorable.
When you forego a big wedding, you also forego obligatory wedding gifts. However, especially if it's your first marriage, there will be people who want to gift the newlyweds out of the sheer love and excitement in their hearts.
Hire a Photographer
This is probably the single most important piece of advice you will get when it comes to having a courthouse wedding. Whether you hire a photographer to take a few portraits after the ceremony or to follow you around on your newlywed adventures for the rest of the day, this is important in capturing the memory of your day. And while it may be tempting to ask one of your guests to just snap a few photos, it's not the same as having a professional eye to capture those candid moments.
Hire a Musician
Keep in mind that forfeiting a lavish ceremony, venue rentals, and catering opens up other options financially, for the things that will truly make your day of celebration intimate and unforgettable. Consider hiring a violinist (or a very talented friend) to play for an hour in a private room at a swanky restaurant while you dine with your new in-laws post nuptials. Or a DJ to jam at your after party with your closest friends and family.

Bridal Bouquet
Splurge on a bouquet to fit your dress and get something you love.
Gift Your Guests
If you choose to have guests present at your civil ceremony, gift them something small but meaningful to commemorate the day, like a framed verse or quote that epitomizes the love between you and your partner. 
To Party or Not to Party?
Just because you've chosen to tie the knot quietly, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a post-courthouse party! Spend a fraction of the money you've saved by not having a wedding on a once-in-a-lifetime after Party or a super-expensive dinner for your immediate families. Just be sure to have someone take photos.

For Inspiration: See Stylish Lee's wedding Here.


  1. I checked out her wedding. It sure was beautiful. I love how everybody wore white. The worse thing you can do is to start your union with a loan. All great tips. Thanks for sharing sis!

  2. Thanks Sis. I have neglected this blog for too long. . .


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